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Precision Micro Stamping As advanced technology products are going forward with high functionality, parts needs to be precise, small-sized, light weight and with tight tolerance to catch up with the trend. With the development of the miniaturization trend in manufacturing...

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Precision Micro Stamping

As advanced technology products are going forward with high functionality, parts needs to be precise, small-sized, light weight and with tight tolerance to catch up with the trend. With the development of the miniaturization trend in manufacturing field, the demand of micro-parts is getting more and more, usually applied in the automotive, medical, optical, power electronics, etc. industries.







Power Electronics

Other fields



1. Aluminum

a. Micro Punching

2. Beryllium

b. Micro Forming

3. Brass

c. Micro Bending

4. Bronze

d. Micro Deep Drawing

5. Cold Rolled Steel


6. Copper


7. Stainless Steel


Titanium and more!



Precision Deep Drawing:

Deep Draw Tooling & Fabrication for Drawn Parts

   Deep drawing is one of the most widely used processes in sheet metal forming, which is generally used to manufacture parts and products that are deeper than metal stampings. Especially for products that require significant strength or product geometry that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing techniques. The use of deep drawing is more stable than bending during the production process, and no additional assembly steps on tooling are required, which can greatly increase efficiency, particularly advantageous in mass production. engineering team provides multiple deep drawing solutions for a variety of industries.


Deep Drawn Capability

  Where not only precision but complex solutions are required. has up to 300 tons press machine and provides the best process to keep the highest quality of tooling and products, you can find for more details as below.

◣ Straight Side Double Crank Servo Press (300 Tons)

This type of press with fast response hydraulic overload protector (H.O.L.P.) and with high precision, could be in compliance with the requirement for all kinds of deep drawing.    More info of 300 Tons Servo Press.


 Deep Drawn Process - Tooling Type


Technical Details

Part Diameter

1.5-100 mm

Material Thickness

Up to 2.5mm

Tooling Size

Up to 2,200mm in length

Pitch of transfer die

130mm MAX.



Drawing Ratio

1:3 (Depends on material and material thickness)
Over 1:3 (send us an email and discuss future)


Stainless steel : SUS304/SUS430
Per Customer Request

Application / Industry



Medical Device

Consumer Electronics

Household Appliance





Transfer Die Stamping

Transfer die stamping is similar to progressive die stamping and are used for parts which require multi-stage operations.

These operations are assisted by automated mechanical fingers which transfer parts from one process to the next in a predefined manner. The difference is in that products are blanked first in transfer tooling thus eliminating the need for a carrying web.

Transfer die is often used to make parts that are larger or drawn deeper than those typical of progressive die. These include deep draw forming operations, side-action forming (cam-actuated), support for multiple trim stages, and support for performing hole making (piercing, countersinking, extruding, coning, shaving, and tapping) prior to or subsequent to bending and forming operations. Transfer Press Stamping is an excellent option for the production of stampings and often offers the benefit of lower tooling costs.

Through the transfer of tooling, we can quickly and effectively mass produce parts and components with high accuracy and repeatability

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Precision Stamping Deep Drawing Form On Demand

Precision Stamping Deep Drawing Form On Demand

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