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VERSA Series VERSA 10/110/1100 Work Station with High Throughput Automation Options  Applications with Full Development Packages has been presented with advanced solutions and HW/SW configurations to cover:  Liquid-Liquid Phase Extraction (LLE) VERSA110/1100 Liquid-Liquid phase extraction workstations (LLE) are for: extract...

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VERSA Series VERSA 10/110/1100 Work Station with High Throughput Automation Options

 Applications with Full Development Packages has been presented with advanced solutions and HW/SW configurations to cover: 

Liquid-Liquid Phase Extraction (LLE) VERSA110/1100

Liquid-Liquid phase extraction workstations (LLE) are for: extract analytes for a variety of application sectors: health care, forensics, environmental monitoring  and academic research.

Automatically sample distribute, mix, fraction transfer,

extract fractions are suitable for downstream analysis.

automate sample processing.

A protective safety hood and ventilation system to ensure the safety.

customizable  automation options.


With a single-  channel steel tip, VERSA 110 ,a compact design. The single-channel pipette ensures accuracy in the range of 1-1000μL.

VERSA 11OO, a  four-channel syringe pump with disposable pipette tips, reduces the risk of cross-contamination to the greatest  extent. VERSA  1100 is to satisfy a wide range of laboratory  extraction need

Differential Digestion (DD) VERSA 1100

Sexual assault evidence collection kits (SAECK),

Automated differential digestion analysis. Utilizing DNase I,

Open platform,

Automation of slide staining easily achievable

Automatically separating all fractions.

Simultaneous work on the extraction of a certain fraction

Reagent Drop

  • Heater/Shaker
  • Plate
  • UV-HEPA Filter hood
  • Slide Adaptors
  • Magnetic Block
  • Scalable throughput

Microarray Spotter (MS) VERSA10/110/1100

1.impact genomics and proteomics research by reducing the time, materials, and costs related to specimen-based marker validation, as well as maximizing the number of specimens that can be analyzed

2.reduces the possibility of human errors

3.streamline automation of proteomic and genomic workflows for applications:drug screening、tissue engineering、bio-diagnostics、vaccine development、cancer research etc.

4.robotic arm of the workstation repeatedly pipette sub- microliter volumes of samples like peptides, nucleic acids, organic compounds etc. in parallel for synthesis of high-density microarrays in simple or complex user defined patterns.

5.The customizable deck layout support printing on diverse substrates like filter papers, cellular membranes, glass slides, silicon chips, micro well plates etc. The workstation’s base model is equipped with a single channel pin head or 2~40 channels.

6.washing and drying modules are designed to minimize risk of cross contamination and the instrument can be integrated with a temperature and/or humidity control unit


√Nucleic acid microarray: analysis of gene expression, discovery of new genes, detection of genetic diseases, non-invasive DNA detection, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, molecular biological analysis, etc.

√Peptide synthesis: antineoplastic, antiviral, peptide- oriented drugs, cytokine mimetic polypeptides, antimicrobial active polypeptides, polypeptides for cardiovascular diseases, diagnostic polypeptides, etc.

√Cell microarray: drug-eluting microarrays , cell signaling pathway, cell morphology analysis, immunocytochemical analysis, etc.

√Disease diagnosis and research: pathological analysis, early cancer screening and diagnosis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy efficacy evaluation, targeted drug and therapy efficacy prediction, post- operation recurrence detection, etc.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) VERSA1100 Config 4/8

Genomic analyses quickly. Automation and high throughput, robustness and Flexibility, complete walk- away solution, 8-channel pipetting head, Library normalization and pooling, Reducing library preparation time, Improving sample recovery and consistency. Homogeneous bead suspension and distribution. Fast and efficient bead washing steps, Saving tip costs. Compatible with various commercial available kits, reagents, and lab ware.

Highly scalable for different throughputs and budget.

Nucleic Acid Purification (NAP) VERSA10/110/1100 Config 4/8/96

Automated DNA Extraction system DNA or RNA extraction, purification, or isolation protocols. Accommodates applications in genomics, proteomics and general liquid handling with High throughput and accuracy. Conserves expensive reagents, Eliminates volumetric variations, Automates all repetitive pipetting protocols., Configured for nucleic acid extraction. Homogeneous bead suspension and distribution throughout the plate. Fast and efficient bead washing and elution steps while saving tip costs. Flexible in tailoring different protocols; Compatible with various commercial kits, reagents, and lab ware.

PCR VERSA10/110/1100 Config 4/8/96

compact, automated liquid handling PCR setup with high precision ,throughput and accuracy. appropriate for genomic protocols, Accommodate workflows requiring lab ware with varied well spacing. high accuracy in liquid handling over a wide range of volumes. 4 channel ReagentDrop module for bulk dispensing of reagents. reduces tip consumption decreasing sample processing time. 


√ Single and multiplex PCR reaction setup

√ Sequencing reaction setup

√ Oligo-based gene synthesis plate setup

√ Colony PCR screening

√ Real-time PCR reaction setup/PCR clean up

√ Tube to plate transfer, replication and reformatting

√ Cherry picking/Reagent pooling

√ Nucleic acid extraction and isolation

√ Screening of gene library

√ Plate transfer, replication and reformatting

√ Genomic library screening

√ General liquid transfer

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) VERSA1100

Solid phase extraction (SPE) widely used chromatographic separation technology.

Time and labor saving, no cross-contamination and human errors. More handling throughput, excellent reproducibility, sample preparation and purification, using HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS approaches, genomics and proteomics. positive pressure system and/or vacuum system extraction efficiency. facilitate sample drying sample derivatization on the workstation. simple laboratory workflows. biochemical analysis laboratories, drug research and development, clinical diagnosis, forensic identification, food and beverage inspection

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VERSA 10/110/1100 Workstation for Scientific Research OEM Sale

VERSA 10/110/1100 Workstation for Scientific Research OEM Sale

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